Sunday, 20 August 2017


Alexander Reid Ross and the Politics of Distortion

by Troy Southgate
August 20th, 2017

This article is just the latest example of how Alexander Reid Ross, one of the rising stars in the world of professional bullshit, sets out to vilify everyone through guilt-by-association. In actual fact, this is his entire modus operandi and it is dangerous in the sense that it seeks to facilitate a type of academic 'justification' for those making an attempt to demonise National-Anarchism through Wikipedia and various other forms of controlled media. In other words, when people such as Ross produce a book or an article, the work in question is then cited by others as a means of adding some kind of 'intellectual' gloss to the overall strategy of ideological misrepresentation in general. Ross wants people to believe that there is a wide-ranging fascist conspiracy to both infiltrate and take over Anarchist groups and certain music circles. This is completely untrue. Groups such as the National Front (NF), mentioned in this article, certainly made an attempt to seize control of skinhead subculture back in the early-1980s, which is precisely how - as a teenage Labour voter - I found my way into the organisation after buying one of the group's newspapers outside a Bad Manners concert and finding myself impressed with its stance on alternative economics, but I was never a racist nor a fascist because at that time the organisation itself was already in the process of expelling such elements from its ranks and adopting what were generally considered to be 'left-wing' ideas and strategies. This included the regular promotion of anti-racism and anti-fascism in the pages of its literature, for which I still have a mountain of evidence sitting on my bookshelves. Furthermore, in 1986 those who had been expelled formed their own version of the 'National Front' (more properly known as the 'Flag' faction) and began labelling us 'nigger-lovers'.

Meanwhile, the ever-deceitful and politically-motivated Ross deliberately tries to conceal the incontrovertible fact that National-Anarchism is something which, in relation to myself, at least, arrived by way of the late Richard Hunt and Alternative Green magazine. Richard, who was formerly editor of Green Anarchist, fell out with his former allies after defending patriarchal societies and making the mistake of supporting the Iraq War. But Richard himself was never actually Right-wing and had merely thought his way out of the leftist straight-jacket in the way that Bob Black and various other Anarchists have. Indeed, Richard was not afraid to work alongside those of us who were English nationalists and who were genuinely opposed to fascism and racism. In fact, it was Richard who introduced me to Anarchist ideas for the first time, so there was no conspiracy to infiltrate and subvert the Left from people like myself at all and I certainly never set out to recruit him in accordance with the imagined designs of a wicked nationalist plot.

Moving on, the fact that I have mentioned entryism as a viable tactic in the past - even praising the tactics used by Derek Hatton's Trotskyist group, Militant, during the 1980s - is used by Ross to provide incriminating 'evidence' for my allegedly secret desire to inject fascist ideas into the ranks of Anarchism. Ironically, however, in the late-1990s I was accused by Nick Griffin of "trying to cherry-pick from the British National Party" and he was right. I actively set out to bring nationalists across to Anarchist ideas and not vice versa. I am also prepared to admit, quite openly, that I even use Strasserism as a 'bridge' in order to bring people over from Hitlerism to Anarchism. So again, it's a one-way street and all the traffic is moving in a single direction. In fact, if you look very carefully you can probably see the fading Berlin sunset in the rear-view mirror. More seriously, one thing we National-Anarchists always insist on, is that anyone who joins us is Anarchist. That is the distinguishing feature of our ideology and the first port of call for anyone wishing to get involved. Anarchism must come first, everything else is secondary. We therefore reject fascism and neo-Nazism completely and always have. I do not expect Ross and his impressionable friends to discuss the hard-line stance that we take against such people or the manner in which we have previously expelled them from our ranks.

One further point: I never set out to infiltrate the Neofolk scene, I was merely invited to join an existing group (HERR) that had already released its first album and that same person happens to be left-wing. HERR itself has never promoted a political agenda in any way, shape or form and its members have always had a wide range of differing views and opinions and none of them are even remotely 'fascistic'.

Several months ago, Ross published a book, entitled Against the Fascist Creep, in which he distorts my ideas yet again. Having seen a pdf of this text, I will now deal with some of the lies and insinuations that appear in relation to me personally:

1. Ross claims that I served an eighteen-month prison sentence for assault in 1988, which is correct, but what he neglects to mention is that myself and 10-15 others were attacked by violent 'anti-fascists' on Brighton seafront during the non-political skinhead gathering that has taken place there since the late-1960s. One individual, whom I did not know personally, given that skinheads would travel there from all over the country, decided to approach a left-wing bookstall at the town's annual Mayday gathering and complain that they were promoting the Irish Republican Army (IRA). As I watched the debate become increasingly heated, the stallholders and around 200 of their friends assumed that we were fascists - despite the fact that some of us were wearing Trojan reggae shirts - and started throwing large stones from the beach and chasing us along Madeira Drive. There was some roadworks along the seafront at the time, so in self-defence I tore out one of the metal poles and threw it at the crowd of people who were attacking us and it struck what later turned out to be a Marxist lab technician on the top of the head. Consequently, I was arrested by the police for Actual Bodily Harm (ABH) and Affray. The second charge is far more serious, because it rests on the notion that people were actually fearing for their lives, hence the harsh sentence that was delivered at Lewes Crown Court nineteen months later. At the time, and despite the fact that I had merely defended myself from a violent attack during which myself and a mutual group of virtual strangers were outnumbered by almost fifteen to one, I was the Regional Organiser of a very effective political unit in East Sussex that was selling over 30 newspapers door-to-door every night, so this was a very convenient way for the Establishment to remove me from the equation. In other words, I was framed.

2. Ross says that I consequently spent a few 'uncomfortable years' in the International Third Position (ITP), but neglects to mention that I left in disgust after some of its members - most notably Fiore, Holland and Todd - began promoting fascist ideas. That, as two statements from the time attest, was the main reason I established the English Nationalist Movement (ENM) in September 1992. Ross tells us the ENM was short-lived, although the fact that it lasted until the end of the millennium possibly indicates that it wasn't too short-lived by political standards and, besides, we ourselves decided to change the name to the National Revolutionary Faction (NRF).

3. Ross says that Richard Hunt supported 'blood and soil', which is another downright lie. Richard was always conscious of the fact that his association with the ENM might cause others to assume that he also supported racial separatism and this is why he openly rejected it in the pages of Alternative Green. His own artwork even depicts love between people of different races and he rejected separatism time and time again in the pages of the magazine itself. In Issue 14, for example, published in the Spring of 1996, Richard's headline was 'Loyalty to Place, Not to Race'. On Page 10 of the same publication, he claims that racial separatism is disastrous for multi-racial societies and must be stopped.

4. Ross claims I am promoting a 'third-position anarchism' when, in actual fact, one of my more well-known essays is called 'Transcending the Beyond: From Third Position to National-Anarchism' and makes an important distinction between the two.

5. Ross tells us that I 'continue to see the individual locked in a Darwinian struggle against multicultural society'. Rather curious, given that I have always rejected the theory of evolution and also have no objection to people living in multi-racial societies at all. So long as they respect the right of others to live in a peaceful and non-coercive manner.

6. The one article by me that Ross cites in his bibliography is 'The Case For National-Anarchist Entryism', which, again, is designed to imply that I am on a mission to infiltrate Anarchism and worm my way into certain forms of music.

Finally, individuals like Ross are not interested in the truth and we should not be deceived into thinking that he has simply got his facts wrong, the man has an agenda and that involves smearing us by any means necessary.