Tuesday, 17 January 2017


Wikipedia Launch Deceitful Propaganda Attack on Troy Southgate

Our founder, Troy Southgate, recently became the victim of a Wikipedia smear campaign when someone using the name 'K. e. Coffman' completely destroyed his Wikipedia entry. We have no idea who wrote the original page, but the reason for Coffman's malicious action is due to the fact that, on October 6th, Troy added a new book title to the bibliography section. Coffmann deleted the entry, set about destroying the rest of the information on the page itself and then posted lies about Troy personally. The chronology, as you will see, makes that perfectly clear. Compare the detail on the old page with the page as it is now:

Page BEFORE October 6th, 2016:

Page AFTER October 6th, 2016:

As you will see, it has changed from being a professionally written and extensive account of Troy Southgate's life and activities to something that now demonises him as a 'neo-nazi'. Meanwhile, to prevent him replying or trying to revive the old version of the page, Troy's account was blocked. If any of you would be willing to help fight Troy's corner and help to expose this unwarranted distortion of his beliefs and activities, the issue is being discussed here: