Thursday, 8 December 2016


Trump and Goldman Sachs

by Sean Jobst
December 2, 2016

No "anti-Establishment" figure would ever appoint Wall Street, Goldman Sachs and Rothschild banking crooks to positions of prominence over the economy. No "anti-Establishment" figure would ever embrace the slavish pro-Israel subservience dogma of the Neocon/Neoliberal foreign policy establishment. No one doing either of these things could ever "Make America Great Again." Period. Those of you who fell for it, dismissing people like me who from the beginning merely pointed to Trump's own statements and actions, and the advisors who were shaping his economic and foreign policy, because we had the foresight and common sense to see that opposing Hillary Clinton's lying, criminal, murderous enterprise need not translate into support for the establishment's controlled opposition clown with the funny orange wig....what say you now? Would anyone who was truly anti-establishment and bucking the system, EVER have anything to do with the following two, much less appoint them to oversee the entire U.S. economy?....

Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross....the billionaire who spent 25 years running Rothschild Inc.'s bankruptcy practice in the United States. (<>)

Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin....Who worked for Goldman Sachs for 17 years, rising to oversee trading in government securities and mortgage bonds. (<>) After leaving Goldman Sachs in 2002, Mnuchin founded the hedge fund Dune Capital Management, and started investing in Hollywood. (<>)

From 2003 to 2004, Mnuchin worked as chief executive of SFM Capital Management, which was and is funded by George Soros. Mnuchin also worked directly for Soros Fund Management LLC. (<>) He also worked for the Soros-funded OneWest Bank, which threw out thousands of tenants after robbing them of all they had while itself taking the government's welfare bailout to the tune of $814.2 million. (<>)

With the subprime mortgage crisis and the crash of vulturous banks such as IndyMac, while millions of Americans were clearly being affected and lives ruined, Mnuchin saw his opportunity to profit personally to the tune of hundreds of millions dollars from the predatory lender IndyMac. (<>)

Neither Ross or Mnuchin have ever condemned or repudiated any of their actions. Mnuchin has never repudiated Goldman Sachs itself or any of the profits he made off that or the enterprises funded by George Soros. Trump rightly condemned the Goldman Sachs links of his opponent, but that was simple campaign rhetoric given his own personal profits from Goldman Sachs and the platform he gives to the likes of Mnuchin and Bannon.