Wednesday, 23 November 2016


The Collapse of the System

by Leon Darío, N-AM Ibérica

There are compelling reasons why I think that we have to believe in the National-Anarchist Movement and that this is the only ideology which offers a realistic and perfect alternative for the modern times that surround and threaten us. The N-AM offers a proposal that relates to the more than foreseeable collapse that this system will suffer and to which we can arrive by means of the following three factors:

1. Collapse of the system that devastates the natural environment, in fact this has already happened in the Amazon where the mining and logging industry is wiping out a good part of the forest mass and threatens many ancestral tribes. Add to this polluting factories and their filthy discharge into mountains and rivers.

2. Economic collapse that will self-destruct and thus affect your own economic potential due to the blindness of amassing fortunes and savage speculation. This is something that is also beginning to happen in the case of Detroit, a site once known to the world for its enormous potential in the automobile industry and now in total bankruptcy and leaving many of the city's families in a state of social exclusion.

3. Collapse of the system in its technological aspect. Today the new generations are being educated by portable computers and "smart" phones, therefore IT seems to be an essential element of our lives.
Cards with electronic money, video surveillance cameras, email, databases or social networks have become essential components of modern life. All of them will be in serious danger and we will have to learn to live without them in the event of a strong solar / geomagnetic storm. If a solar explosion happens (something that scientists are increasingly evaluating as something that is getting closer over time), only those who are rooted in the countryside can survive and maintain land where they can cultivate and self-sustain themselves, producing their own energy (solar panels, firewood, etc.).

The happy slaves of the system, who cannot live without technology, will suffer greatly and be unable to survive. In fact this will surely lead to suicide and looting on a massive scale.
It is our task to prepare and anticipate this collapse of the system... whatever its mode.