Friday, 21 October 2016


Thought on the Bush E-mails
by Sean Jobst
October 14, 2016

I should preface this by first saying this doesn't excuse Hillary Clinton's own email issue, but it does show the hypocrisy of those who attack her primarily for that and not the issues themselves (like I do), knowing that their boy Donald Trump and their entire movement is just as complicit as the Democrats in the actual substance of the emails - what they reveal in policies - and not merely in the act itself, which is as much a distraction as the carefully-calculated recent release of the 2005 "lewd" Trump tape. The way the media frames these issues are carefully-calculated distractions, meant to polarize the two sides of the system to their respective cults (and it IS the "lesser of two evils" cult no matter how partisans on each side may try to justify their support for one over the other) while distracting minds away from the real issues.

There is a pattern here between ALL these administrations. Its actually a continuity, because if we go back to political science the State and its bureaucracy remains the same - only the outer facade called "government" is interchangeable. There are certain financial and Big Business interests which are the real power behind the throne, no matter if they choose a Democratic or Republican puppet, or a Hillary or Trump this year. I'll save more details about that side of the story for future posts. As for the emails....

The emails which have leaked out from Hillary Clinton's tenure at the State Department reveal much deeper than the Benghazi attacks which Trump cultists and fellow-travellers like to get bogged down into. No, what they reveal is that both sides are complicit and he is just as much as she is - they are both complicit in the foreign policies that have led to the deaths of hundreds of thousands of people, in the rise of Daesh (ISIS) and the blind subservience towards Israel....they are both complicit in the domestic banking policies which have further delivered up our country - just as other countries have likewise been bought and sold - to the international financiers and Big Multinational/Special Interests.

I could only wish the Bush emails were likewise exposed, but if I had to take a guess I'd say they reveal where the trillions of dollars that went up missing from the Pentagon before 9/11 went; how the Neoconservatives were already implementing broad warmongering plans going back to the Oded Yinon Plan and the Clean Break document they previously wrote on behalf of their true master, Benjamin Netanyahu - the blood and treasure of American "goyim" and the blood of Iraqi and other "goyim" being of no concern at all to the Neocons; and I'd say they reveal the shift in policy called "The Redirection" of 2006/2007, whose results we are clearly seeing in Syria, Yemen, Lebanon and other countries right now.

Just like the Hillary Clinton emails reveal such facts that we, who are often dismissed as "conspiracy theorists," "isolationists," or even much worse than that (for example, "anti-Semites") were saying all along: That the Obama administration, Hillary State Department, and the complicit politicians on both sides of the aisle in the Senate and House of Representatives, were illegally arming, training and financing the rebel groups in Syria (including ones that have since openly linked up with ISIS), on behalf of a pro-Israel agenda of overthrowing the Syrian government and isolating Israel's enemies of Iran and Hezbollah. THIS was and is the main driving force behind the Western governments' meddling in Syria - it goes back to the Oded Yinon and Clean Break plans which BOTH called for the destabilization and ultimate division of Iraq and Syria so that Israel can then expand its control and influence over the region.

And the emails that have been released by WikiLeaks also reveal how Hillary Clinton was using her office in the State Department on behalf of her Big Business friends from Boeing and Raytheon, to ensure they were able to sell fighter jets and other weapons to Saudi Arabia which have now been used to slaughter thousands of Yemenis in that country's barbaric war against an impoverished yet culturally and architecturally-rich country. And the emails that have been released by WikiLeaks likewise reveal the extent to which her own campaign raised and grew the spectre of Donald Trump in this staged political charade.

And before Trump fans and Republicans agree with my attack on Clinton like their own side is saintly, let me point out Trump has likewise been slavishly pro-Israel (with a record as such going back WAY before he was even running for President), he was an eager supporter of the wars in both Iraq and Libya - and so just as complicit in the current situation with ISIS - and has his own Wall Street financiers and oligarch friends I can likewise name, complete with the exhaustive sources of everything I write and expose.

Finally, as an aside - while I attack the financial interests and their puppet politicians and their murderous policies over the government in my own country - I will say that likewise Russia and Vladimir Putin is not innocent or bloodless either, with their own history of imperialistic policies and false-flag attacks, and that WikiLeaks has its own political agenda that isn't always consistently devoted to the truth (why does it never expose Israeli leaders, for example?). Nevertheless, I will say that NSA whistle-blower Edward Snowden whom BOTH Hillary and Trump have pledged to prosecute or even kill, is a HERO for exposing what the U.S. government does that we the people are not privy to, and that it is the politicians who are guilty of treason and not Snowden.