Friday, 21 October 2016


Divide and Rule
by Sean Jobst
October 7, 2016

The truth about this election, as with every other election, is that two parties controlled by the very same financial interests, ultimately serving the very same agenda with only the minor details differing, pick their respective puppets for the American people to "vote" on, so that they can continue to have the illusion of "choice." The media creates a spectacle, distracting us with non-issues while giving both puppets a platform. This polarizes the people into "right" and "left", so that each side can attack the other for the very same things that their candidate does. Lest the people begin to wake up, they are inundated with the latest distractions and bombarded with soundbytes and preselected images/stories 24/7.

The truth is neither of the Republican or Democratic candidates represent any of you, the people. They represent Zionist special interests and the Wall Street/international financiers. Each side has their own favored oligarchs. These financiers funnel millions into the PACs representing both candidates, by this way getting around U.S. election laws. These politicians are nothing but whores of the worst kind, selling themselves out to the highest bidder because the State (different from "government", which is merely the interchangeable outer trappings) is nothing but the political service industry of the Big Banks.

Their system is one of profits for the big bankers, and debt for the masses. In return for their blood money donations, the politicians then ensure that the status quo remains the same for the financiers. To finance their own operations, the State borrows from these private bankers to make money out of nothing. Then they pass along the debt to the masses, creating this fiction of a "national" debt when you, me and none of us aren't party to any of their agreements. Yet we're supposed to play their games and pretend they have our "consent"?!