Sunday, 13 September 2015

The Guardian: Solidarity with Refugees
As expected, the Guardian is wholeheartedly celebrating yesterday's 'Solidarity with Refugees' event, or what I like to describe as the International Suicide Pact, but you would expect a rabid Right-wing newspaper like the Daily Mail to provide some opposition. Not so. Today's edition simply labels those Germans concerned about mass immigration 'neo-nazis'; tries to evoke sympathy for a female refugee and her child who were apprehended by the police; and accuses Hungary of treating refugees in the same manner that Jews were treated by the Nazis. I don't expect the Daily Mail to express any genuine concern for the identity of the European peoples, of course, but this two-fold celebratory/muted approach by the British media clearly demonstrates that the present situation is being systematically co-ordinated and that never before has the globalist ruling class been handed such a golden opportunity to fill our countries with foreigners and cash in on cheap immigrant labour.