Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Inside The UK’s Oldest Green Community (And Why We Should All Be Living This Way)

A short film about the beautiful Tinker's Bubble, the oldest community of its kind.

The off-grid community of Tinker’s Bubble in England is the longest standing low impact eco-village in the UK. For 21 years, an eclectic mix of individuals and families have lived here, isolated from the system. Some pass through, others stay. The so-called ‘Bubbleites’ make shared money through gardening and selling apple products. They don’t earn much, but they are happy and have all they need. They use wood for cooking and heating, and they have been fossil fuel-free for over two decades and counting.

Tinker’s Bubble is set in over 40 acres (16 hectares) of hillside and woodland, in a beautiful part of rural Somerset. The location is like a scene from The Hobbit, and the quaint English thatched roofs on the buildings in Tinker’s Bubble reflect that Tolkien ‘Shire’ feel.

This short documentary about the community is well worth watching. It’s a deep and inspiring short film, with some thought-provoking interview clips from various ‘Bubbleites” who talk openly about their views on education, community, the outside world, sharing, and living in harmony with nature. It also has some sobering statistics: If we go on as we are, we only have 39 years of oil left. 

With that in mind, there’s a lot here to inspire all future off-gridders!