Monday, 15 September 2014

Oxymoron and Utopia are Capitalist

Oxymoron and Utopia are Capitalist
by Leon Darío
Founder and Spokesman
Section Iberian National-Anarchist Movement.

WE often have to endure the destructive comments from skeptics who describe us, the National Anarchists, as well as our movement in general, as an "oxymoron," including our intentions, rationale and objectives as a form of Anarchist "utopia". Before going ahead with this article, I must cite and quote something which corresponds to the official definition. Firstly, in relation to oxymoron:

"The oxymoron (the Greek ὀξύμωρον, oxymoron, Latin contradiction in terms) within literary figures in rhetoric, is a logical idea that uses two concepts of an opposite meaning in one expression, generating a third concept. Given that the literal meaning is the opposite of an oxymoron, 'absurd' (eg 'an eternal moment "), this forces the reader or listener to understand the metaphorical sense (in this case: a moment that, by the intensity of a lived experience, makes you lose track of time)."

We can also generally use oxymoron to relate to something "impossible" or "a miracle."

Secondly, regarding Utopia: "The utopian concept refers to the representation of an ideal or ironic world that is presented as an alternative to the actual existing world, through a critique of it."

To our critics, we must reply that both oxymoron and utopia represent the system and capitalist society in which they live, think and act, as well as the yearning to grow and "develop" as individuals, but in which the condition of individual release is null and rather function as human beings that are subjugated to the interests of the State and all of its relevant and unfolded structure (political, police, judicial, bureaucratic, ecclesiastical, business ...)

National-Anarchism is not an oxymoron, quite the contrary. The oxymoron is the belief that you can infinitely, plunder, pillage, plunder and exhaust all resources offered by Mother Earth, putting a price tag on our forests, oceans, flora, fauna and the thousands of species that co-habit this planet called Earth, but in which human beings, educated under a capitalism that sustains our respective states, we "erect" lords and masters and so we act and proceed as their respective colonisers, exploiters, looters and predators. oxymoron is defiling and despoiling our ancestral identity and our customs and traditions in favour of a globalised, amorphous, grey world, which in the name of "progress", erases the traces and signs of the identities of All Nations and which truly make up the wealth of this planet we inhabit.

Utopia is the belief that you can infinitely gorge on capitalism and believe yourself free in a society in which you are really a slave to its dictates and absurd fashions, its drugs, alcohol, junk food, film, political-parliamentary system and belief in the change or achievement of "welfare" through the system-trap of the ballot box and supposedly selecting mutually independent political candidates, although they are really nothing more than sides A, B and C of the same face, the same electoral structure of the same repressive state.

Oxymoron is the absurd and utopian ideology of ultimate "citizenism" or "citizenist"... an ideology which has a devotee voter and obedient servant, a submissive slave who is happy and peaceful, a state that oppresses its parliamentary political system, an indoctrinated believer of the various media and political parties of the state which meet their vested interests and which does not exceed the mere creation of "approved" schools of thought within the system, and remains confined to the internal area of that which is permitted and the rules established by the state; the state has its police and judicial apparatus to ensure that this is appropriate.

Returning to the oxymoron, this is perfectly reflected in the "mirror" of Detroit (and in the wild "crisis" shaking much of the West in general), which, until recently, was the birthplace of the automotive industry and where Henry Ford could build his first automobile in 1904 ... And now, in 2015, Detroit has succumbed to the crisis and wild lies and finds itself dying of a "capitalist overdose", where vegetation flourishes from the ruins of hundreds of mansions and factories long past their "golden years".

We, the National-Anarchists, warn that the earth can no longer withstand the blows of the capitalist cancer and that capitalism itself is now entering a phase of collapse (as is evidenced by the case of Detroit) and when this process of collapse is complete, only those who are rooted to the land can survive, by cultivating the soil, living in rural areas, having an awareness of belonging to the land and not vice versa... The "withdrawal time" is crucial; a progressive abandonment of the great capitalist cities, this corrupt and degrading modern world where technology advances unabated and humans are becoming less human and more "robotic", with dependent keyboard-addicts with their screens and virtual conversations who completely lose the artistic, creative ability. A true independence of humanity will be attained through the return of the people, a respect of that which we inherited from our ancestors, with the collectivisation of land and various resources, integration and respect for nature, and the establishment of all individuals in human communities, following common factors of an ethnic, cultural, linguistic and spiritual character. In these times of usury, we must raise the revolutionary flag of the N-AM and initiate the revolt against the modern world from our neighbourhoods, towns, lands and mountains; let the indispensable and fundamental work of proselytism and activist agitation, dissemination of our mottos and ideals, become manifest until the final advance is unstoppable in the struggle for human, animal and earth liberation.

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