Wednesday, 29 January 2014

A Critique of Marxism

Marxism is a dogma which believes that it can make the entire human and social life into a science. Marxism would be an absolute mechanical causality, in which every cause becomes an operation and each operation becomes a cause. It pretends to know the future, to make provisions on the conditions of human development, however for us it represents a ridiculous failure to recognize the boundaries of science. By no means can we deny science, but subjective as science is, it can merely be an estimate which depends on the personality it carries within itself.

Perhaps the most ridiculous assumption of Marxism is that capitalist facts can have socialist consequences. The idea that capitalism and the misery that goes with it, are just many stages towards socialism, is a scientific delusion. Socialism cannot result from capitalism, but can only grow against it from a sense of injustice and a desire for togetherness. In contradiction to Marx’s claim that socialism is only a product of workers materialism, mankind comes to socialism from very different motives. Socialism can only be the fruit of numerous small changes. If one would wait for a certain “degree of ripeness” of capitalism, the degree of degeneration of the masses will make the achievement of socialism simply impossible.

Because Marxism claims to know the future with certainty, on the grounds of “immutable” laws of historical development, it suggests that the will and deeds of people can not stop this development. The Marxists see themselves as a necessary link in the chain of development. They represent themselves as the bearers and discoverers of social development. Therefore the Marxist dogma feeds the haughty self-righteousness, which leads to the denial that also other socialist views can be part of the truth. Socialists who come to socialism by other ways then the Marxist dogma, are considered as “second-class” socialists. Or even worse, these “second-class” socialist counteract against the “inevitable” development, thus they are “reactionary”.

Marxism one-sidedly focuses on technical-economic factors and greatly underestimates the role that the socialist mindset plays. The socialist spirit is a desire for connectedness and the will to put it into action: that’s the foremost condition for socialism. The development of capitalism doesn’t just lead towards more physical and material misery, but also leads to an increasing mindlessness and hopelessness among the people. The whole of humanity faces the danger of overall decline. Therefore every day is precious; there is no time to lose, because it’s about human life itself. One can not wait until capitalism reaches a certain stadium, one has to act now.

The achievement of socialism begins with the initiative of singletons and small groups. Each activity they oppose to capitalism, is worthy of the name socialism. Liberation is only there for those who can free themselves from capitalism and who start “becoming human” again. “Becoming human” means that one no longer works for profit alone, but for real human needs. The pioneering work of these loners and small groups, will in turn inspire others to follow their example and people will work in community. This community can never arise from a command from above, but can only arise from the basis by a change in the labor relations, the lifestyle, habits and ethics. If one wants to destroy capitalism, one first has to destroy the worldview that it carries within itself.

In contradiction to Marxism, which views socialism as a system that originates from the womb of capitalism, we see socialism as a new beginning that is opposite of capitalism. Socialism represents a return to the natural human relations, a return to the spirit of togetherness that connects man with his community. Socialism represents the return to the old community man, that lives on the blood of each and every modern individualist. 


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