Saturday, 31 August 2013

UK Anarchists claim responsibility for Brislington bank fire

An anarchist group have claimed responsibility for firebombing a Barclays bank in Brislington on Wednesday, just days after another group claimed responsibility forstarting a fire at a police firearms centre in Portishead.

Writing on Bristol Indymedia, the Informal Anarchist Federation said that it was the first time that they had used bombs as weapons and that they were more than capable of using them again.

The bank on Emery Road was targeted “for its lack of adjacent buildings, and to avoid the extremely low chance of passers-by in the area we positioned the device against the back of the building against a window, instead of multiple devices on opposite sides as is commonly recommended”.

After a rambling treatise against the banking system, the group, who also call themselves the Improvised Guerrilla (sic) Formation, ends with a warning: “We think though that at another time to someone else, smashing a single window could have the same significance (if the act doesn’t look for dialogue with the system or recognition from it).

“Most significant is the heightened possibility and pleasure unlocked by direct action instead of waiting and compromise.”


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