Friday, 26 July 2013

Taking Simon Critchley's Book 'Infinitely Demanding' As A Cue To Discuss Modern Interpretations Of Anarchism (Video)

Radical thinkers: For the philosopher Simon Critchley, profound disappointment is to be found at the heart of every modern liberal democracy. Author and philosopher Federico Campagna takes his book Infinitely Demanding as a cue to discuss modern interpretations of anarchism, and how it can be at home in a domestic setting. For a discussion on our Facebook group regarding this book, please see here.

Watch the video below

Infinitely Demanding: Ethics of Commitment, Politics of Resistance by Simon Critchley

A new political ethics that confronts the injustices of liberal democracy.

The clearest, boldest and most systematic statement of Simon Critchley’s influential views on philosophy, ethics, and politics, Infinitely Demanding identifies a massive political disappointment at the heart of liberal democracy. Arguing that what is called for is an ethics of commitment that can inform a radical politics, Critchley considers the possibility of political subjectivity and action after Marx and Marxism, taking in the work of Kant, Levinas, Badiou and Lacan. Infinitely Demanding culminates in an argument for anarchism as an ethical practice and a remotivating means of political organization.


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