Thursday, 24 January 2013


THIS fourth title in our continuing discussion of anarcho-tribalism is designed to complement the previous volumes in the series. However, unlike 'National-Anarchism: A Reader,' 'National-Anarchism: Ideas and Concepts' and 'National-Anarchism: Theory and Practice,' this book explores how these ideas can be approached and then implemented in an effective and workable manner. National-Anarchists reject the nation-state and advocate the foundation of decentralised communities that offer people independence, self-determination and a more promising future for themselves and their families. Many people regard Anarchism as a violent ideology led by wide-eyed terrorists, but whilst there is always a need for organised defence against the shock-troops of the Establishment, this book will demonstrate that there is another side to the Anarchist tradition and one that strives for peace, social stability and the realisation of its objectives. The subjects discussed include 'Errors of Leftist-Anarchism'; 'Propaganda by the Deed, Fourth Generation Warfare and the Decline of the State'; 'The Ancient Future: Anarcho-Feudalism!'; 'So You Don't Feel You Could Be An Activist...?'; 'American National-Anarchism'; 'Heathenism and the Tradition of Dissent'; 'A Sojourn Through West Indian Culture: The Crisis of Black Identity'; and 'National-Anarchist Communities: Will I Be Accepted?' The contributors are Troy Southgate (Editor), Keith Preston, Wayne John Sturgeon, John Howells, Craig FitzGerald, Jamie O'Hara, Joshua Bates, Neil G. Hiatt, Justin Gillespie, Colin Lockwood and David Parry.

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