Saturday, 24 November 2012

National-Anarchists Attend Pro-Palestinian Rally In Solidarity & Support With The People Of Gaza

Australian National-Anarchists demonstrating against Zionism.
On November 24th, 2012, a number of National-Anarchists attended a pro-Palestinian rally at Sydney Town Hall in Australia to show solidarity with the people of Gaza against Israeli aggression and that Zionist supremacist states genocidal policies towards them.

Congratulations to the brave souls who attended today's Australian demo in support of the Palestinians.

Despite the orchestrated and predictable reaction from the usual dogmatic rent-a-mob, this activity took real guts and will hopefully serve as an inspiration to other National-Anarchists around the world.

Please see the footage below from three different news media channels. Accompanied, of course, by the usual smears about 'neo-nazism'. Something the National-Anarchist Movement (N-AM) vigorously oppose, and that can be easily verified. In fact, If you have any questions at all, please feel free to contact us.

Leaflet Distributed At The Protest.
A leaflet handed out (left) by the National-Anarchists at the demo, which can also be viewed below, made the below statement:

“The National Anarchist Movement is attending this rally to express their support for the Palestinian people and to demand an end to the siege of Gaza. We are not here to discuss our ideological differences with different groups. If anybody has a problem with our group and supporters being here, well tough luck. Deal with it because today is NOT about you. And maybe think about how totalitarian YOUR political opinion is to deny others to think differently……. Neither Left or Right – Smash all Political Dogmas!

It is a great shame that a few blinkered individuals chose to make the demo about themselves, shouting nonsensical and ill-informed epithets, rather than standing in solidarity and for the cause itself and the innocent civilians, mainly women and children, who have been directly targeted in the horrific assault. Alas, such are the tactics as a last line of defense by those stuck in their dogmatic cages, without an argument, and who cannot debate in a civil and respectful manner.

Despite a small minority of ignorant individuals violently assaulting the National-Anarchist demonstrators, threats of violence, biased and ill-informed news media reports, it must be said that our support and show of solidarity for the Palestinian cause was very well received, with a number of individuals not associated with the N-AM demonstrators telling the usual dogmatic rent-a-mob to go away and leave the N-A demonstrators alone.

We hope that you can see beyond the vicious lies spread by such individuals and invite you to please contact us if you have any questions at all. We will be happy to answer all queries.

Below are 3 news media channel video reports on the event. However, the first video below, before the 3 news media reports, is a  video released by the National-Anarchists themselves.

 National-Anarchist footage of the event.


SBS World News 

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Press TV
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Channel 9 News
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After The Rally

Images below of the National-Anarchists at the protest

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