Monday, 15 October 2012

Oakland Anti-Anarchist Vigilante Group Declares War on Black Bloc


A group of ideological extremists relocated to Oakland in order to foment chaos and destruction, as a means of achieving their political goals. These attacks have targeted Black and Asian owned businesses such as art galleries, copy shops, clubs, and offices. These actions have driven out businesses owned by people of color, and cost many Oaklanders their livelihood and sense of safety in their own neighborhoods. They boast of an attrition strategy, that by destroying Oakland's economy the chaos will trigger revolution through a class-war. This strategy is strikingly similar to the one espoused in the novel The Turner Diaries, which has inspired many acts of terrorism by racist groups and militias.

Members of the Oakland Commune were first drawn to Oakland by the Mehserle Riots. During the Occupy Oakland encampment they held key positions of leadership, often to the criticism of Occupiers. These criticisms include exclusion of Oakland residents and people of color from the Occupy consensus process, marginalizing and excluding the contributions of locals and members of the Black community, and abusing their power to censor criticism of vandalism and violence.

1)Following the first incident of vandalism associated with Occupy protests, the breaking of a police training-facility window, Occupiers submitted a proposal to pay for the repair of the window. Oakland Commune members censored this as an inherently "divisive" proposal.

2)The Oakland Commune lionizes and endorses property destruction. In their brochure Oakland Commune:Sundry Writings About The Successful Failures, they boast "Property destruction is not a new element for the Oakland Commune." The brochure celebrates incidents of mass vandalism, asserting it as an effective means of revolution through chaos ("...this activity sends signals of disorder pulsing through the imperial system."). They describe themselves as "raising a red army".

3)The Oakland Commune popularizes Orwellian euphemisms for violence and vandalism, such as 'autonomous action' and 'diversity of tactics'. As well, the Oakland Commune encourages people to come to Oakland to perpetrate violence and vandalism.

4)On May Day the Oakland Commune called for people to "descend upon" the Mission area in San Francisco for a "ruckus street party", which is a coded call for vandalism. This resulted in the destruction of the Mission District.

4)The Oakland Commune distances itself from Occupy Movement with its well known slogan "Occupy Oakland is Dead! Long live the Oakland Commune!" This is an expression of their goal to define political activism in Oakland.

As self-described 'professional protesters', the Oakland Commune has been very effective at attaining power within activist networks. As a demonstration of their potency, the General Strike and West Coast Port Shutdown can be accredited to the Oakland Commune. Their endorsement of vandalism has harmed far too many residents. They have declared themselves enemies of Oakland and the Occupy movement. Oakland is rich in ethnic diversity and magnificent architecture. On October 10th and 25th, major events are anticipated in recognition of Occupy Oakland's anniversary and the anniversary of the notorious police action against it. Concerned residents are encouraged to defend Oakland against the vandals.

"In the matter of boots, I defer to the authority of the boot-maker." - Mikhail Bakunin.

"Defend Our Oakland Movement" (DOOM) calls for "Bring Your Own Bat" (BYOB) action against anarchists using Black Bloc tactics & engaging in property destruction