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National-Anarchist Movement (N-AM) FAQ

Who are the National Anarchists?

National Anarchists come from many different backgrounds and work in many different occupations. Many are from regular working class backgrounds, some are professionals, others artists and musicians. Many National Anarchists come from Left or Right political backgrounds who are fed up with the dogmas and political movement they were involved with in the past. Usually National-Anarchists recognise that something isn’t “right,” the lack of traction in creating a true social alternative in our community or country. Others are tired of worn out dogmas, infantile pandering to certain groups, and to the globalist agenda of the political status quo, or all truth be told, know that groups they were associated with in the past are hopelessly unable to do the things that can make a difference in today’s world. They want to create a true social alternative to the globalist agenda of communist-hijacked political movements.

So just what is it that National Anarchism advocate? Does it really aim at a stateless society? or simply the abolition of the existing state and the formation of an ‘organic’ state from below, i.e. one rooted in the interests of the community rather than tied to say capital interests or in the grip of anti-community ideologies like multiculturalism and egalitarianism.

We advocate that society should be run with as little or no government as possible and on an ethnic and cultural basis. Communities can also be organized by religion or sexual orientation: the only limit is the imagination and will of the participants. We stress the importance of autonomous local communities and oppose globalization in all its forms.

We are upfront and honest about our beliefs in a way that is unsettling for our critics. We don’t bullshit people by telling them how they should live their lives or claim to have all the answers for today’s problems. National-Anarchy is essentially a method of operation, strategy, and tactics, to outflank global capitalism on the periphery and neutralise those who would destroy our culture and identity to be replaced with a globalised consumer humanism.

National-Anarchism advocates a totally stateless society. Not a society that we intend to impose on everyone else, but a series of decentralised organic communities that will be entirely anarchistic in nature. Our ideal differs from mainstream anarchism in that we allow groups to live in mono-ethnic communities if they so desire. Not for the purpose of hatred (or supremacism) but the utilisation of space that allows cultures to live with whom they want. If people want to live in multicultural societies elsewhere that is fine with us and we don’t have a problem with that.

Some critics of National Anarchism say that your ideology is nonsense or an oxymoron. Is National-Anarchism just smoke and mirrors?

Certainly not. It’s very convenient for people to say that National-Anarchism is just ‘fascism’ under another name, but we are defiantly opposed to centralisation and bureaucratic fascism in all forms. In fact the primary characteristic of National Anarchism is its anarchism and not its racial perspective. It is only at the next level down that one finds the racial separatist position, although that, too, lies side by side with our anti-capitalist, anti-democratic, anti-liberal and pro-green strategy. Therefore National-Anarchism is a form of anarchism sui generis, an anarchism of it’s own.

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I don’t like the term “National” Anarchism, explain why you use it.

We use the term because that was the term given by Troy Southgate who was key in developing these ideas in their contemporary form. Getting caught up in labels is unimportant, call it whatever you want for all we care. Alternative names some people like are “Tribal Anarchists” or “Folkish Anarchists.” What matters is that we are National-Anarchists against the State and liberal-Democracy.

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Then how are the National Anarchists going to organize the economy?

As a general rule National Anarchists are opposed to capitalism and communism. They seek instead a Third Way of meeting community interests and putting people before profits. Liberal democratic consumerism is the antithesis of the kind of life we wish to have. Liberal democracy, and capitalism, is hegemony over local community interests. Contrary to the hyper scarcity and abundance that characterize capitalist and socialist economies, we advocate an economy of scale that promotes self sufficiency, community needs (such as health care), and a progressive social system that puts people first. Mutualism and Syndicalism are promoted by some members.

Why ‘national’ anarchism? Surely nationalism is incompatible with anarchic principles? 

National-Anarchists do not support nationalism in the sense that we look to artificial nation-states or borders and boundaries. In a more realistic sense we are Indo-Europeans and therefore part of an ethnic heritage that includes not only Europe but also countries like Iran, Afghanistan, India and Tibet. Indeed, we base our ‘national’ outlook upon a much broader interpretation, not on the limited parochial attitudes of nineteenth-century imperialism. When we speak of nationhood we are referring to its tribal and organic implications. Therefore our concept of the word ‘national’ relates not to territory but to the racial identity which is a natural facet of all peoples.

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So do you support some kind of Eurasian superstate?

No. We believe in political, social and economic decentralisation. In other words, we wish to see a positive downward trend whereby all bureaucratic concepts such as the UN, NATO, the EU, the World Bank and even nation-states like England and Germany are eradicated and consequently replaced by autonomous village-communities. However, given that National-Anarchist communities will always be regarded by the Establishment as some kind of fifth column - and, in all likelihood, infiltrated and crushed - it may be necessary to migrate to areas which currently lie completely outside of Western jurisdiction.

But what if people disagree with your ideas?

Fine. We have no problem with that. As long as they do not prevent us from occupying our own space and land in which to live according to our own principles and beliefs. Attempting to interfere with our way of life or seeking to prevent us from living in our own anarchistic communities is fascist and authoritarian. We do not wish to persecute others or bend them to our will. But if our opponents are not prepared to respect our freedom and establish their own communities elsewhere, we will not hesitate to defend ourselves accordingly.
How do National-Anarchists intend to pursue their objectives?

The Capitalist System is dependent upon the constant acquisition of resources for its own survival. In years to come, however, International Capitalism will slowly disintegrate in the same way that the Roman Empire - which also specialised in expansionism and the control of the periphery - finally collapsed under the weight of its own greed and ambition. Therefore we must hasten its demise by encouraging revolution on the periphery and, thus, depriving the urban centres of their valuable resources. Once we empower the exploited peoples in the so-called Third World, we can finally slice off the tentacles of Capitalism one by one until the very core of political and economic power is completely eradicated. Destroy from within and create from without, that is the very essence of National-Anarchism.

But the centres of power are mainly in Europe and North America, so what will become of the West?

Who cares! The whole concept of Western civilisation has been built upon exploitation and greed. Moreover, it is an historical progression which has taken mankind away from its primordial condition and led to the enrichment of the few at the expense of the many.

But surely this process will lead to technological regression? 

Of course. National-Anarchists are not opposed to technology per se - or at least those forms which do not harm the environment - but it remains a fact that once the internationalist system begins to wither away and people start to return to a more natural lifestyle, the factories will stand idle and therefore nobody will be on hand to produce computers, televisions and other luxury items. People will be forced to live without cars and supermarkets, chat shows and telephones, vibrators and central heating. Eventually this will lead to a more leisurely way of life, simply because on average hunter-gatherers work something like two hours a day in order to satisfy their basic needs. But it would be wrong to suppose that National-Anarchism is deliberately advocating a more primitivist lifestyle, on the contrary, we merely predict that it is inevitable and that people must face up to it. It remains to be seen just how far this process will go.

What is the way forward for National-Anarchists?

We will continue to forge links with other opponents of globalisation in the hope that, eventually, we will become one of the makers and shapers of the developing anti-Capitalist movement. So in this regard we extend the hand of friendship and co-operation to all like-minded peoples both in Europe and around the world. For more information on National-Anarchism, please contact us here.

You talk about race and someone said you’re Nazis, are you?

“Nazi” is a ubiquitous term to call a political opponent with usually no basis in fact. As a matter of fact, National-Anarchists do not under any circumstances advocate the form of government as represented by the National Socialist German Workers Party, the Third Reich, Adolf Hitler, or Mussolini.
Are National-Anarchists racist?

Certainly not. Our vision comes from a love of our own kind and a genuine respect for others. This stance is totally at odds with racial hatred and is fundamentally based upon the realities of self-determination for all peoples. Furthermore, we do not subscribe to a white supremacist agenda or wish to enforce our worldview on others. National-Anarchists are racial separatists and wish to build links with like-minded individuals and organisations regardless of their racial or ethnic background. Racial miscegenation endangers mankind in the same way that hunting and pollution threaten both the environment and the animal kingdom. Together with our comrades around the world, we are seeking to preserve the natural condition of humankind.

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So apparently national anarchists are all violent racists who want to kill all non-White Christians…

So do you plan to outlaw mixed-race relationships? 

Not at all. These are issues which must be decided by those concerned, although we do remain adamant that such practices remain outside of our own communities.

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Is National-Anarchism just smoke and mirrors?

Certainly not. It's very convenient for people to say that National-Anarchism is just 'fascism' under another name; but we are definitely opposed to centralisation and bureaucratic fascism in all forms. In fact the primary characteristic of National Anarchism is its anarchism, not race. Our racial separatist position takes second place to our anarchism, and is part of our anti-capitalist, anti-democratic, anti-liberal and pro-green strategy. Therefore National-Anarchism is a unique form of anarchism: it is not racialism dressed in anarchistic clothing.

So is race important to the National Anarchists ideology?

Race is less important to National Anarchists than cultural and ethnic identity. All communities have that identity. It is the basis of this identity that community, any community, represents itself, whether consciously, openly, or unconsciously. Heritage is something that people of all races should take pride in: it is the legacy we leave to future generations.

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So that means that to National Anarchism some races are better then others? It means you advocate that some races are better others, don’t you?

No! National Anarchists recognize that races are different from each other and will always be different from each other much like languages and culture. But no race is better, or worse, than any other. For us, races have no inherent better or worse value in themselves.

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Some National-Anarchists like Troy Southgate have allegedly used positive references to fascist movements of the 1930s and 1940s and has dismissed certain liberal values like unfettered free speech and liberal-Democratic governments. I’m somewhat confused as the Fascist parties believed the state can be a positive thing whereas National-Anarchists as I see it want to see the state crushed and not engage in political oppression of people that disagree with them.

We don’t think there is anything wrong with using criticism of liberalism regardless of the source. Some of what Marx said about Capitalism was accurate but that doesn't mean we have to become Communists, let alone Marxists (much like Marx himself!). In short however, National-Anarchism and Fascist statism are completely incompatible. Although some of the organisational and aesthetic components are appealing, they are strictly 20th century developments and should stay in the 20th century.

Then what’s your position on homosexuals?

National Anarchists do not believe in pandering to or persecuting individuals due to their sexual orientation. Each National-Anarchist has their own views about the subject. In general, National-Anarchists are usually opposed to the special treatment of gays and the militant pro-gay rights movement.
Where are you?

Currently our networks are all over the world, some groups and some lone wolves, although National-Anarchist supporters and activists in Britain can be found throughout the entire country also.

Where can I meet other National Anarchists?

A good place to start would be contacting us from our central website here, and one of our activists will get back to you as soon as possible.

There are also social networks and forums that National-Anarchists participate in on the web. See website for more information, also linked down the right hand panel of the website.


National Anarchism advocates decentralization. Smaller is better. Entirely too much power and far too much wealth rests in the hands of too few people. When in America alone, the top 1% own as much wealth as the bottom 95% percent combined -- (the greatest level of inequality among all rich nations), and furthermore, the richest 20 percent of Americans own an overwhelming 80 percent of their nations wealth, something is drastically wrong. * - Source: Edward N. Wolff, "Recent Trends in Wealth Ownership, 1983-1998," April 2000

National Anarchism aims to change this; through community building with like-minded people, through grassroots efforts, folkish socialism or distributism, and by turning our backs on the system and its corrupt ways. Only after we stop looking to ‘The System’ for support and protection, and start looking to our Community, can we then build a world far greater.

National Anarchism aims to create intentional communities which are not only self-governing, but selfreliant and are no longer dependent upon "government help," a term we believe to be an oxymoron.

National Anarchism aims to build a homogenous society where our peoples' cultural identity and the future of our children will grow unmolested.

National Anarchism is neither "Fascists" nor "Communists" but are instead the advocates of a brave new Third Way being neither left nor right-wing. Fiercely opposed to Capitalism and its bureaucratic and omnipresent State, we are advocates of a folk-centered agrarian society.

National Anarchism is staunch Anti-Imperialists, it aims to create a world in which people of all races are permitted to celebrate their own culture and heritage without outside interference. We believe that every nation has the inalienable right to a land of its own. In addition, that each land and people has a right to be ruled by leaders of their own choosing and to establish a system of autonomy and self-rule. It is not necessary for people to agree with us entirely, but we do demand the right to exist in our own communities and to be left alone.

National Anarchism strives to build a new future and society wherein the fruits of our labour will not be negated by the burdens of international Marxism and Capitalism; a society or community wherein our people’s future will flourish and be secure.