Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Interview with Craig Fitzgerald (October 3, 2012 - ATS/CC Radio Interview)

Broadcast October 3, 2012 - Keith Preston Interviews Craig Fitzgerald for Attack the System on Counter-Currents Radio.

Craig Fitzgerald is one of the founders of the National Anarchist Tribal Alliance of New York.
Topics discussed:

  • Why nationalists aught to consider National Anarchism.
  • Chris’ progression from Left-wing Anarchism to National Anarchism
  • The degree to which the State can actually be abolished in a viable society
  • The degree to which National Anarchism can accomodate those who believe in a State but oppose the current State.
  • Agorism and shadow economies
  • Institutions local communities can form
  • Homesteading and self-sufficiency
  • The pervasiveness of instant gratification
  • Is National Anarchism against technology and urban societies?
  • National Anarchism and cultural preservation.

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