Friday, 14 September 2012

Interview with Tia Foster (ATS/CC Radio interview)

Tia Foster, an animal rights activist in upstate New York, shares her experiences on the Left and her exploration of some intellectual currents of the New Right. Topics include:

* Occupy Wall Street
* political correctness
* white guilt
* animal rights and deep ecology
* feminism
* Holocaust revisionism
* Jewish harassment techniques
* the New Right
* National Anarchism
* Being of mixed Iranian-European ancestry
* Psychedelic drugs
* Mysticism and religion
* Charles Manson and ATWA
* Cracks in the Left coalition
* Che Guevara
* Male feminists
* Zoophiles and their demands for inclusion and tolerance
* Left-wing politics as therapeutic self-affirmation for the damaged and neurotic
* Veganism

Listen to the full interview below.

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