Sunday, 23 September 2012

Extract on 'N-AM' from an interview with Volksieg Wodensson (Colin Lockwood)

Extract on 'National-Anarchism' from an interview with Volksieg Wodensson (Colin Lockwood)

BG: You recently contributed a chapter to the book, 'National-Anarchism: Ideas and Concepts' by Black Front Press. So you're obviously a National-Anarchist? What appeals to you about that ideology? 

VW: I certainly did and it was a great honour to be asked by Troy Southgate to offer my contribution. As to whether I am a National-Anarchist? Most definitely! What attracts me the most to the National-Anarchist Movement is that, to my mind at least, they are a manifestation of Anarchism in its purest form. The very fact that it is viewed with so much suspicion and, in many cases utter hatred, by both the Left and Right can only be an indication that we must be doing something right.

One of the most common accusations pointed at the N-AM by the supposed Anarchist community is that we are just Nazis playing "dress up" which is rather amusing, in a sense, as I consider this a wonderful case of projection really when one considers that most Anarchists are, in fact, little more than Marxists playing "dress up". This stems, mainly, from N-A's acceptance of the existence of race (backed up by science, no less, as well as common sense.) and its defence of the right to separate on racial grounds. This is due to one of the many false dichotomies that suffuse this modern Liberal Democracy, propounded by Cultural Marxism: The idea that one must either totally reject the very existence of race, despite all scientific evidence to the contrary, OR you are some kind of blood thirsty Nazi killing machine who hates anyone who is not of your particular racial group! That is, on examination, the same as saying that if a man, for instance, loves his wife he must utterly despise every other woman on the planet. Utter lunacy. It should also be pointed out, of course, that National-Anarchism not only supports the right of people to separate on racial grounds (including those who may wish to live in multi-racial communities) but also on cultural, religious and even sexual terms. Anarchism is, essentially, based on the concept of mutualism and freedom of association and, the very minute one starts dictating what is or is not respectable or reasonable grounds for starting up an Anarchist community... well... you have lost all right to call yourself an Anarchist. 

Freedom, by its very definition, cannot come with provisos. Another factor that has lent itself to this particular accusation is that many within the N-AM have a background in what is, somewhat erroneously termed, the "Far Right". This is, of course, utterly true but it can also be said that many within the N-AM have a background in what is known as the "Far Left" also. Personally I am not interested in what somebody used to be! It is far more important to acknowledge what a person has become and N-AM offers, perhaps, a refuge for those who do not necessarily fit within the preconceived and comfortable pigeon holes that The State and its goons have created for us. N-AM is truly a movement that is "Beyond Left and Right". Ultimately, National-Anarchism has a vision for this world and that vision is a world in which all peoples, regardless of race, creed, culture, sexual persuasion, etc, can live in totally voluntary, self governing, self-sufficient communities with like minded people! Free to pursue their dreams and celebrate their own uniqueness without fear, persecution and, more importantly, the constant need to compromise their vision or constantly have to waste time reassuring the outsider that they are not a threat; endlessly having to justify their existence and, most important of all, it wishes to bring an end to the tyranny of the State. Sounds like paradise, no? Who could have a problem with that? Unfortunately those who wear the mask of "freedom" seem to have a really big problem with this idea. The problem? It isn't their particular brand of "freedom" we are offering the world and they will not rest until we have all become enslaved by their own particular brand of "freedom". I've lost count of the times I have heard people say, on the one hand, "down with the New World Order!", "death to Globalism!", "stop the One World Government!" and then, with the other, say such things as "wouldn't it be great if the world was as one? One race! One creed!" Personally I call that insanity. I'd also go as far as to call that genocide. 

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