Thursday, 30 August 2012

Technology is killing us

Kim White/Bloomberg
by John Zerzan

Our reliance on the digital world comes at the expense of the material one. Are our lives made better by smartphones and tablets?

Every time Apple releases a new iPhone or iPad, the world seems to go into a frenzy. But what’s the big deal? Why have smartphones and tablets become so important?

CNN’s Andrew Keen, reporting from the Mobile World Congress at the end of February, referred to “our increasing addiction to our mobile phones” in a piece called “How Our Mobiles Became Frankenstein’s Monster.”

SecureEnvoy, a British mobile security firm, disclosed a widespread condition called “nomophobia” (no-mobile-phobia), or fear of loss of one’s cell phone. Two-thirds of those surveyed by SecureEnvoy strongly feared loss of their mobiles — up from 53% four years ago — reporting such symptoms as trembling, sweating and nausea. (Read further: Source)