Thursday, 2 August 2012

Meeting a Man who quit Money

Sometime around two years ago I read an article about this guy who, the article said, lives in a cave outside Moab Utah.  The article also said his name was Daniel Suelo.

“Hmmm…interesting”, I thought.  (After all, what self-respecting primitivist wouldn’t enjoy a story about a guy living in a cave?)

It also said he had given up the use of money about 10 years prior, and hadn’t used a penny since.

“Wow. Seriously?”

Yep, it turns out Daniel had been inspired by the Sadhus of India and the teachings of Jesus (among other spiritual masters) to simply quit using money.  And more than that — he wanted to give up relating to the world by thinking in terms of credit and debt entirely.  No more “I’ll give, if I get…”, this man wanted to live by giving freely, and receiving freely.  Just like all the other animals on God’s green earth.

I thought: “One of these days, I’ve got to meet this guy!” (Read further: Source)

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