Wednesday, 8 August 2012

In Swiss city, global anarchists reject gov't debt

People attend a panel discussion during an International Anarchist Meeting in Saint-Imier, Switzerland, Wednesday, Aug, 8, 2012. These were well-organized anarchists, a merry band of fringe thinkers who flocked by the hundreds Wednesday to their movement's spiritual birthplace in Switzerland's western Jura mountains, where an odd mix of famous watchmakers and Marxist outcasts is equally celebrated. And in an era when many Europeans, Americans and others suffer discontent over governments burdened by debt, job losses and social cutbacks, the International Anarchism Gathering drew libertarians from anarchist movements around the world to begin a five-day celebration of their past and to offer a radically different future: no government at all. Organizers opened the meeting with a call for demonstrations, worker strikes and other acts of defiance - but no violence - with the aim of creating a classless society of workers.

It was a well-organized affair, particularly for a bunch of people who bristle at the thought of rigid organization. And in an era of discontent with debt-riddled government, they offered a striking solution: no government at all.

The International Anarchism Gathering got underway Wednesday at the movement's spiritual birthplace in Switzerland's western Jura mountains, its many loose parts moving like Swiss clockwork. Which seemed fitting, given the host city's pride at its historical role both in the development of the anarchist movement and of luxury watchmaking.

They flocked by the hundreds, a well-mannered band of fringe thinkers and casually dressed youth aiming to create a world without rulers. The welcome in the lush mountain setting was a model of orderly and efficient hospitality, setting the stage for five days of alternative music, cinema and earnest discussions on topics such as utopia, revolution, militancy, sexuality and authority. (Read further: Source)

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