Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Finding and Building a Dream Eco House on a Budget

Debby Parkinson starts a blog about her family's story about relocating on a budget from Yorkshire to Kent in 2011, how they struggled to find land to build an eco-house and the solutions they came up with to overcome the lack of cash.

We are Andy and Debby Parkinson from Dover. We have four children, all studying at various places around the country. We decided to relocate from Bradford in Yorkshire, to Dover in Kent in 2011, to live a different, more sustainable life. 

We wanted to share our story, as we feel we have researched many of the elements required to move towards a more sustainable way of life. We didn't have a huge amount to spend, and felt that we typified 'ordinary' people with a modest budget and rational requirements.

We have successfully relocated, found an eco-architect and a like-minded builder, have compromised with our local planning department, but are happy so far. We have only begun to make changes to the back garden, have ideas for combining parking and productiveness in the front garden, and first-hand experience of living in a 2 berth touring caravan for what was only supposed to be a few weeks whilst our house was being altered. Our budget including mortgage and savings is £200,000, and our list of requirements has evolved as we have become more aware of just how little this would buy us! We hope you find our story interesting and empowering and this is an ongoing process.  (Read further: Source)