Friday, 15 June 2012

It has come to this: Greek towns reverting to barter economies

The ever-deepening eurozone financial crisis has forced many Greeks to rely on barter-style economies.

“I want to use euro but it’s very expensive and I believe trade is better,” said Volos resident Artemis Zafiriou of in a recent NBC News report.

The town of Volos is not special. It’s one of the many Greek communities that have been hit hard by the financial crisis and high unemployment, forcing a growing number of individuals to trade goods and service in return for essentials. For instance, Zafiriou and her “partner” “sell ”chicken eggs, homemade marmalade, and soap at an open-air market in town,” according to NBC’s Yuka Tachibana. (Read further: Source)

Comment: You see? It can be done. This is how people do things for themselves, instead of relying on Establishment politicians and other scum. The replenishment of the human spirit will come through hardship and necessity, not through complacency and luxury. Without supermarkets, people will grow things. Without television, people will make their own entertainment, and without schools, people will educate their own children. Some will fall by the wayside, too, but this is the price many of us will have to pay for globalisation. (Source)

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