Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Testify: Eco-Defense and the Politics of Violence (Documentary)

Testify! Eco Defense and the Politics of Violence - A film by Stephen Gamboa and Michael Becker

A 50-minute video that discusses the tactics and philosophy of revolutionary environmentalism and animal liberation. Includes footage of ALF and ELF actions plus interviews with many direct-action environmentalists.

Watch the full documentary below

Chapter One
(opening credit and footage of ELF and ALF actions)

Chapter Two 
(interviews with Leslie Pickering, Kim Marks,Captain Paul Watson, Rod Coronado)

Chapter Three
(interview with Judi Bari, Craig Rosebraugh, and ELF video)

Chapter Four
(Rod Coronado, panel discussions, Captain Paul Watson and Sea Shepherd video)

Chapter Five
(animal liberation video and Gary Yourofsky)

Chapter Six 
(animal liberation, interviews with Dr. Steven Best and Dr. Tom Regan)

Chapter Seven
(animal liberation, interview with Rod Coronado, Kim Marks, Dr. Bron Taylor)

Chapter Eight
(philosophy of animal liberation and revolutionary environmentalism
interviews with Rod Coronado and Dr. Bron Taylor)

Chapter Nine 
(ending credits and music):