Thursday, 12 January 2012

Anarchism, Secession and the Relevance of These to the Alternative Right (ATS/VOR Radio interview)

This is the debut show of Attack the System! Keith Preston discusses:

* His own political journey from the radical left to the alternative right;
* The history and purpose of and its leadership group, American Revolutionary Vanguard;
* The philosophy of anarchism and its relevance to a modern society;
* National-Anarchism
* The growing tendency of national-anarchism;
* Pan-secessionism as a strategic concept for the collaboration of dissident subcultures against the political class;
* The possibility of strategic alliances that transcend boundaries of left and right;
* How people tend to naturally self-separate along the lines of tribe and shared community values when left alone by the state;
* The failure of the Left to create an effective opposition politics.

Listen to the show below.