Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Race Essential to National-Anarchism?

From the World National-Anarchist Alliance.

As soon as the perspective outlined here becomes the dominant consensus among anarchists generally, then anarchists will be in a position to assume the role of the leadership corps of a much larger array of secessionist and radical decentralist movments with a strong libertarian-populist orientation.

People will be shocked to find out that I do not come from a racialist standpoint at all.

So why do I associate with National Anarchists when the majority of them are racialist?

I tolerate it because they wish to keep it confined to their own communities and out of those who do not want it. Also, the concept of anarchism according to tribes is in line with Mikhail Bakunin’s material. People have the right to associate along whatever lines they wish to, and no one else has to like it in order to give them permission.

Another thing to mention is that those who are racial separatists are not so due to belief of racial superiority. This is at least the case with the majority of National Anarchists. I get the true feeling that they are sincere when saying this. To them it is an actual matter of preservation, and I can learn to respect that much.

We all have ideals which we hope will pass on to the next generation. In my case it is syndicalism and Zen Buddhism. Also I believe that families should be strong. There are many things that I could go on about for hours, but they may not be important to the majority of people. This is my case in point why we should adopt National Anarchism. People are never going to agree with everyone else on even key points. Various communities are needed to suit the major preferences that people may have. The ideas worth anything will succeed. Those which are not too shitty will at least sustain. Those which are worthless will crumble to the ground. This will all be on those in the community who chose that particular path.

The beauty of National Anarchism is that tribes could be created upon any values. I believe that as this concept expands, race will become a minority view. Basically it is only a revival of Anarcho-Tribalism. However, people are no longer writing under that name, and no one can be found to associate with. Basically this gives us more opportunities for talks.

Associations between tribes can be helpful in dire circumstances. National Anarchism is an answer to the anarchist with suffixes syndrome. We have anywhere from Anarcho-Capitalists to Anarcho-Communists. With the National Anarchist system, each tribe could implement whichever system they want. This makes working across the various categories much simpler. If the other anarchists could stop calling it “neo-fascism in disguise”, we could have gained much more ground by now.

Part of this problem is the fault of some National Anarchists who refuse to acknowledge anyone who is not dividing along racial lines. Another part is on the other side not seeing that people have the liberty to do so if they so desire. They wish to use coercion to make people not racialist, and this simply will never work. I foresee a fairs being made in the future for tribes to debate ideologies. A debate with good ground rules and decency on both sides can convince someone of the better position. If no one is convinced, both parties go back home to the area of their tribe unscathed.

National Anarchism (Anarcho-Tribalism) is the way to unite all anarchists toward working for anarchy without compromise.