Thursday, 11 August 2011


A large number of people have written to ask for our views on the London riots. But whilst we don't condone the attacks on independent businesses or private property, we remain surprised that most people simply cannot understand the reasoning behind this whole affair. It was started by left-wing anarchists who went into volatile areas and then deliberately incited the underclass to riot, the main intention being to damage the economy as much as possible. We also happen to believe in adopting strategies that weaken or undermine the Establishment and its financial system, but the tactics of the Left in relation to these events - apart from those actions which are aimed at large capitalist concerns - are completely reckless and show just how little respect they actually have for their beloved 'proletariat' or for the ordinary people who have had their lives ruined. Those on the Left who first orchestrated this chaos, realise only too well that the most run-down estates in this country are like tinderboxes that can go off at the slightest provocation. In essence, therefore, they are copying the tactics of those on the Right who have deliberately marched through immigrant areas in order to stir up as much trouble as possible. Our point, therefore, is that the Left does not care a jot for ordinary people. In short, they do not have the courage to attack selected capitalist targets themselves, so they rely on the uneducated underclass to do it for them - even if it means unleashing an entire army of criminals who then endanger the lives of ordinary people. In other words, it reveals their utter contempt towards those elements for whom they claim to be fighting in the first place. For those who continue to doubt that this was the work of the Left, think back to the original news reports issued in relation to the events at Tottenham last Saturday, where "Anarchists dressed in black" were said to have instigated the riots and then "travelled throughout other London boroughs" doing the same thing. It was a team of political activists who caused these disturbances by systematically targetting the most volatile areas. Meanwhile, it was announced this morning that the insurance companies will be paying out £200 million and the Government has just stated that all those who have had property damaged will be compensated. And this is without all the legal fees incurred by over 1,000 arrests with courts presently sitting both day and night. Furthermore, of course, the damage committed against large companies such as Sainsburys, Tesco, Sony, JD Sports, various phone shops and other commercial outlets is enormous. Make no mistake, this was - at least in the minds of those responsible for setting the ball in motion - primary an attempt to damage the fragile economy. And it has worked. The idea is to weaken the Establishment as much as possible by damaging its financial resources and then creating a situation that is more conducive to revolutionary activity. The breakdown of law and order can throw up all kinds of interesting possibilities, some of which have already been demonstrated by people who are prepared to defend their own areas from those who are simply running around like headless chickens. So whilst for most people these events represent nothing but chaos and confusion, those waiting in the wings - theoretically, at least - plan to capitalise on this chaos. Disillusionment with the State, the politicians, the police, judges, social workers, landlords, fuel companies, tax-collectors and other bureaucrats already exists here in a big way, something that has not been helped by the riots and the fact that many people feel deserted by those who claim to serve their interests. As a movement of anarchists and anti-capitalists we also believe in revolutionary activity, but there have to be revolutionary structures put in place for people to fall back on in the event of a total collapse of society. A counter-economy, if you will. Otherwise, of course, we get arson, looting, violence and murder.