Wednesday, 24 August 2011


THE blood-drenched vermin in the globalist establishment condemn the riots in England, yet continue to foment strife and bloodshed abroad. Inevitably, therefore, the gullible fools who participated in the systematically engineered "Arab Spring" will soon be paying the price for the economic recession currently affecting Europe and North America.
Regarding the Libyan 'rebels', meanwhile, we are not going to support these pseudo-revolutionaries simply because they may or may not represent the lesser of two evils, and neither will I support what is happening simply because it is felt that some of these Arab leaders need to get their just desserts. There will be no progress until the internationalist economy begins to collapse and we see the gradual decline of Western Capitalism in its centres of power. But events such as those in North Africa and the Middle East represent the West's attempts to slightly modify the manner in which power and authority are presented to the outside world. They are also designed to allow the Zionist parasites to grab land and resources, thus helping to postpone the process of economic decline. The West has an ageing population, it needs to expand into new markets and enslave new populations that were, to a large extent, formerly protectionist and thus out of reach. This is colonialism and imperialism in the name of humanitarianism. Indeed, the death-toll committed by Western imperialists goes back several centuries. Regardless of all the geopolitical modifications that have been made around the world, we are still talking about the British Empire here, as well as its French, German, Spanish, Belgium and American etc. counterparts. Between them, these imperialist countries have destroyed innumerable lives, cultures, languages, economies and eco-systems all over the world. The destruction they have caused is immeasurable and far greater than that of the tinpot dictators in the Middle East or North Africa who have mainly confined their activities to terrorising their own populations. At the same time, mut making comparisons is ridiculous because we are clearly talking about the same disease being applied on a vastly different scale. We are not apologists for the Egyptian, Syrian or Libyan governments and National-Anarchists happily denounce all Statist systems. However, replacing them with an even worse form of government - which, in our opinion, is the most brutal and tyrannical form of government the planet has ever seen - is not the answer and, in the long term, will therefore result in even more misery.