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Is National-Anarchism An Oxymoron? - National-Anarchism in a Nutshell

For a separate French explanation of the misconception that National-Anarhchism is an oxymoron, please see the article (not a translation of this one), 'Le National-Anarchisme : un oxymore ?'.

Is National-Anarchism An Oxymoron? - National-Anarchism in a Nutshell
By: J. Bates

National-Anarchism in a Nutshell is meant to act as a primer for those who are unfamiliar with National-Anarchism, anarchism in general and for those who might already be knowledgeable on anarchist philosophy but feel that there is just something else missing from the wide array of compartmentalized anarchisms out there. This small work is in no way meant as a substitute for the National-Anarchist Manifesto available on the National-Anarchist Movement’s web site. It is my sincere hope that after reading this the reader will find interest in delving into the details of National-Anarchism available in the manifesto.

National-Anarchism is Not an Oxymoron

There has been much debate on the nomenclature used in describing an anarchist philosophy that, while maintaining deep anarchist roots, also embraces racial preservation and rejects all forms of the Marxist cancer that has infested the anarchist movement since its misappropriation in the early 20th century. The most common argument the Establishment uses to try and disparage National-Anarchism originates from ignorance on their part of the origin, and thereby the true definition, of the term National.

The term nation, and thus national, has devolved into a watered-down, re-branded catch-all expression which is defined today as a collection of states or territories in which various ethnicities of people live and work. This modern definition completely disregards the original meaning of the term.  In fact, the term nation comes to us from the Latin root word natio meaning “that which has been born”, or “race of people”. Consequently, the term national is defined as “of or relating to the race”. As such, the prefix National works perfectly to describe a type of anarchism that serves a people with a common ethnicity. This point alone vindicates National-Anarchism’s choice terminology to describe the movement as well as part of its purpose. Nevertheless, those who disagree with the movement’s recognition of race as a vital factor for its existence will argue against it using the modernized definition of nation and thus categorize National-Anarchism as a right-wing attempt at appropriating the left’s Marxist-based flavor of anarchism to promote racism. This naturally brings about a common ad hominem attack, almost exclusively from the left, in that because we as National-Anarchists recognize race and wish to preserve it, we are not true anarchists. This is sheer hypocrisy on the part of egalitarian anarchists.

The term racism is another word used by the left to stigmatize and decry the efforts of racialists to preserve their own by twisting its meaning (a common tactic by the left to further their own agenda and add weight to their arguments). The left’s definition of racism is essentially the hatred of all other human races by a single race due to said race’s belief that theirs is superior to all others. This is completely without merit and could not be further from the truth. If we are to use the term then true “racists” are those who are simply concerned with the preservation of their own kind, not the hatred, destruction or repression of others. Nothing is more wasteful of valuable time and energy than blind hatred and violence. This energy is best spent in the preservation of one’s own and not the antagonism of others.

A simple example of the left’s lunacy on this matter would be if I were to say that I prefer Fuji Apples over other types of apples. By the Marxist-Left’s logic I would then be deemed a “Fujist”, but not only that, it would also be assumed that I must also hate all other apples. Does my preference for Fuji apples mean that I hate Red Delicious apples? Certainly not! It simply means that I prefer the taste of Fuji apples more than I do other varieties of apples. What sort of inferiority complex would discern that my preference for Fuji apples means that I must hate other apples? The same question can be asked of those who would say that because I prefer to associate, cohabitate, work, and procreate with my own kind, I must have a deeply rooted hatred for all that is not of my kind. This is illogical, absurd and demonstrates an extreme lack of reasoning and intelligence in those who would follow such thought.

National-Anarchist philosophy, then, is not the oxymoronic amalgamation of right and left wing political ideologies but a harkening to the original and true meaning of nation combined with a desire to preserve the natural races of man and the aspiration to free all people from the chains of both left and right-wing totalitarianism and imperialism.

Racial-Separatism and National-Anarchism

National-Anarchism attenuates to, and supports, the individuality genetically inherent in man and fights to unfetter him from the bonds of debt-slavery and state-worship forced upon him at birth by the Establishment. National-Anarchism rejects all forms of totalitarianism and goes a step further in recognizing multiculturalism as yet another transfigured form of it, and rejecting it as an anti-nature despotism. National-Anarchism consequently lives and breathes by the immortal words of Bakunin in that man obeys natural laws because he has himself recognized them as such, and not because they have been externally imposed upon him by any extrinsic will whatever, divine or human, collective or individual.

It only follows, then, that National-Anarchism supports and defends the right of all races to preserve their blood, the very essence of that which defines them. The races of man exist for a reason, some of which are beyond our comprehension. Nature found utility in the formation of the various races of the earth. Each race upon the earth has its own unique culture that is born not just of its environment, but of its genetic makeup. If this genetic makeup is adulterated or annihilated then we are destined toward an inevitable bland mono-culture devoid of a history and any unique qualities all its own. Egalitarianism is a false philosophy, Nietzsche’s ‘end of justice’. It has reared its head in every generation since man became aware of its malevolence. It is the cry of the embittered underman who has refused to recognize his place in the world and yearns to destroy that which he can never achieve to. Marxist political-correctness and multiculturalism combined form his battering ram which he uses to tear down the doors of natural aristocracy* in order to rape it of the vital seed that distinguishes it. National-Anarchism rejects this forced abdication of racial solidarity as another form of tyranny.

National-Anarchism in Summary

National-Anarchism is a form of anarchism that embraces the very foundations of anarchism as penned in ink and blood by its earliest forebears, one that is against the state, be it a hyper-Capitalist Plutocracy or a Socialist/Communist Mediocracy, as well as against all tyranny in whatever form it may disguise itself including that of the Marxist anarchists. Unlike most other hyphenated anarchisms, National-Anarchism does not cling to the expression “Against All Authority” as it can be too easily misconstrued by those who do not yet understand the basic tenets of anarchism thereby causing them to believe that this slogan encompasses all forms of anarchism. In the minds of those unfamiliar with anarchist philosophy this phrase conjures images of masked youth wildly pitching Molotov cocktails, setting fires, breaking windows, destroying businesses and participating in other violent behavior for no other reason than a bizarre love of utter chaos. This is, however, what the Establishment would like you to believe so that you will find solace in the “protection” of the state. To further this point, any modern dictionary will define anarchism as lawlessness, chaos, mayhem and disorder. This is not anarchism’s true definition and is even further from the foundational standpoint of National-Anarchism. Simply put, National-Anarchism recognizes authority, but not that which would establish rule over others and so we remain ever vigilant of social conditions that might produce an avenue for those who would establish a ruling class. This, contrary to belief, actually creates order from the fanatical chaos that is the state.  Those anarchists that do not subscribe to the “Against All Authority” mantra believe that authority (without rule) is a natural manifestation of order in any society. In matters of authority, the anarchist world-view can be summed up in the combined words of our anarchist forefathers.

“Does it follow that I reject all authority? Perish the thought. In the matter of boots, I defer to the authority of the boot-maker.” -Bakunin

But that…

“He who lays his hand on me to govern me is a usurper and a tyrant, and I declare him my enemy.” – Proudhon

Anarchism is often misunderstood to mean ‘without order’ when it in fact means ‘without rulers’. This is paramount to the understanding of any form of anarchism. If one understands this from the outset, then further study into anarchist philosophy makes far more sense.

For those wanting to learn more about National-Anarchism and anarchism in general we recommend the National-Anarchist Movement Manifesto located at

*The term natural aristocracy refers the natural distinctions formed amongst a group of people due to work, capability and intelligence rather than by birth, class, and privilege.