Wednesday, 10 August 2011

A Note on Racial Separatism

This was written by NATA-NY to be an insert for placement in the first issue of Tribal Resonance, as a note on the section entitled "Racial Separatism". We wrote this note in response to emails we received asking our position on this subject. It is also for the benefit of those who have made judgments about NA based on the Southern Poverty Law Center's smear and disinformation campaigns, and for those who see ethno-separatism as antithetical to Anarchism.

Neither the National Anarchist philosophy nor the National Anarchist Tribal Alliance - New York (NATA-NY) is inherently racially separatist. As true Anarchists who believe in the principles of liberty, free association, decentralization, community autonomy, local/individual sovereignty, self determination and mutual aid, we reject any and all coercive measures to homogenize our rich and independent cultures and peoples. NATA-NY concurs that every ethnicity has the right to exist and maintain its people/nation without intervention from outside forces.

 As Anarchists who value individual uniqueness and are wary of collectivization, we hope that one would not immediately seek to pigeonhole National Anarchism as automatically racially separatist. Based on the libertarian and highly localized nature of the ideology, some National Anarchists support and desire to live in racially separate communities, while others do not. National Anarchists (including NATA-NY) reject the modern mainstream anarchist movement’s hypocritical support of non-white ethnocentric organization and separatism, while white separatism is regarded as a racist and counter-productive philosophy that must be exterminated (along with its proponents). National Anarchists equally support the right of all races, ethnicities and cultural groups to organize and live separately. We advocate local community autonomy and reject mainstream anarchism’s embrace of dominant left-wing cultural politics (e.g., multiculturalism and open borders), countercultural lifestyle matters (e.g., pedophile rights), and liberal pet causes (e.g., global warming, gun control, internationalism, abortion rights/population control and political correctness).

 National Anarchists hold that the trend of “antiracism” and “multiculturalism,” rather than educating the public about the diverse cultures around the world, has only served to create a “gray race” of modern drones who lack any connection to heritage or history, and animosity in those who seek to preserve their familial and ethnic customs. By preserving local heritages, it is possible to counter the homogenization and cultural eradication of globalism. Thus, National Anarchism, is not racist or supremacist, and does not support violence motivated by these misguided ideologies. As Tribal Resonance states: “The maxim of the future will be respect for others and unity in diversity.”

 While some individual National Anarchist groups may be racially separate, NATA-NY is not one group, but an alliance or confederacy of individual Anarchs (sovereigns) and independent tribes, some of which see racial organization as vital to survival, while others are culturally diverse. As the NATA-NY mission statement says:

“We seek …to bridge the gaps between diverse independent groups that agree on one principle: radical decentralized autonomy. […] NATA-NY is a confederation… based on freedom, self-determination, and self-reliance. […] The “nation” in National Anarchism does not refer to a government, state, or arbitrary borders. Rather, a Nation, or a Tribe, is simply a community or group of people working together for common lifestyles and goals. Tribes can be created based on infinite factors, including geographic locality, religion, ethnicity, subculture, ideology, sexual orientation, or occupation. No unifying element should be ignored or disrespected; in other words, anything and everything can be a basis for Tribal organization.”