Thursday, 5 May 2011

Thoughts on the UK Referendum

Today's national referendum asking people to choose between the existing 'first past the post' system and the prospective Alternative Vote (AV) concept is irrelevant and simply gives unwarranted credence to the worthless charade that is 'representative democracy' itself.

Think about it. Voters elect politicians for a period of five years and the vast majority inevitably go on to either ignore or betray the promises outlined in their respective party manifestoes. This kind of system is open to abuse and allows MPs to govern on your behalf without you being able to replace them for a period of several years. In a more ideal society, of course, people would be far better off establishing their own street councils and area congresses and involving themselves in political decision-making in a more direct and meaningful sense. Politicians should be replaced by delegates who reflect the wishes of local people themselves and not the narrow interests of their own parties. If they fail to accord with the demands of the electorate, on the other hand, they should be recalled and sacked. As a decentralist, I am not suggesting that such a formula can be implemented in a purely reformist manner, because only a thorough-going revolution can return power to the grassroots and end the reign of the fatcats and the bankers. Participation NOT representation!