Tuesday, 19 April 2011


It might interest some of you to know that Andrew Yeoman was recently investigated by the U.S. Secret Service for making a juvenile online threat against Obama. Judging by the negative and embarrassing publicity which has been emanating from the BANA camp over the last few months - as well as the fact that he turned up at the American Renaissance conference around the same time and then declined to testify against anti-fascists at his recent assault trial - he has clearly been bought off. Meanwhile, several of his former friends and associates have informed me that he expelled people from his group for not agreeing with his racial views and then boasted to a former landlord about various conquests with non-whites, whom he described as 'concubines'. He also had a relationship with an anorexic Jewish girl he picked up from a website called Craigslist and went around telling everyone that they were having sex without a condom. Yeoman is also said to be psychologically unstable and is in possession of a large number of firearms.