Friday, 7 January 2011


About National Anarchist Tribal AllianceNew York (NATA-NY)

NATA-NY is an organizational matrix in which individuals and communities can activate to manifest their intrinsic autonomy.  We are a decentralized and leaderless network that aspires to increase the empowerment and independence of all people living in the New York area.

NATA-NY is anti-authoritarian, pro-liberty, and does not seek to impose any set of beliefs or way of life on anyone.  Rather, we believe that each individual and community knows best what s/he needs, desires, and should pursue.  We support the right of all tribes to complete self-determination, and we respect that each tribe may look, act, organize and live differently.

NATA-NY encourages total community self-sufficiency.  This includes but is not limited to projects concerning food production and distribution (community gardens, CSA partnerships, free meal programs, etc.), alternative energy development (solar panels, hydro and/or wind turbines, bio-diesel and/or ethanol fuels, etc.), independent education (home schooling, private schools, project-based learning, volunteer work with youth, instructional workshops for adults, etc.), and self-defense.

The “nation” in National Anarchism does not refer to a government, state, or arbitrary borders.  Rather, a Nation, or a Tribe, is simply a community or group of people working together for common lifestyles and goals.  Tribes can be created based on infinite factors, including geographic locality, religion, ethnicity, subculture, ideology, sexual orientation, or occupation.  No unifying element should be ignored or disrespected; in other words, anything and everything can be a basis for Tribal organization.

The Nation is a voluntary collective, but every group comprises Individuals.

NATA-NY holds that the Individual is equally as important as the Tribe.  Ernst Junger analogized that the Anarch is to Anarchy as the Monarch is to Monarchy. The Anarch is the archetype of the Sovereign Individual. Anarchy is the ontologically human instinct of no rule from outside, self-rule—autarchy.  The Anarch or the Autarch implies responsibility and dominion over one’s immediate universe.  In contrast to the misconception that anarchism and individualism imply selfishness and egotism, the ideal of the Anarch is one of honor, humility, and selfless community service.  The primary tribal unit in the Anarch’s life is the Family.  The ancient trinity of man, woman and child possesses a sacred, balanced quality.  It is important for the Individual to maintain a Sovereign Family, free from control by state agencies.  This creation of one’s own destiny and microcosmic universe is an inherent human element that cannot be infringed.  Thus, the Individual is always part of a larger whole.

NATA-NY’s emphasis on the Individual has spiritual roots; we believe that it is humankind’s nature and duty to manifest our full potential through self-sacrifice and refinement of our power.

NATA-NY transcends the traditional Hegelian dialectic, i.e. the left-right political paradigm, in favor of a third position or a restructuring of the meanings of “left” and “right.”  We have observed that many similarities and overlaps exist among “left” and “right” groups at the most grassroots levels, but despite common ground, populist coalitions are not formed because of a propaganda-induced aversion to associating with the “opposite” end of the political spectrum. We seek to remove these blinders and obstructions, bridging the gaps between diverse independent groups that agree on one principle:  radical decentralized autonomy.  These philosophies include but are not limited to anarcho-syndicalism, mutualism, communitarianism, green anarchism, primitivism, anarcho-capitalism, anarcho-monarchism, anarcho-feudalism, ontological-anarchism, national-anarchism, tribal-anarchism, paleo-anarchism, religious anarchism, autarchism, traditionalism, libertarianism, constitutionalism, minarchism, secessionism and the sovereign individual movement.

NATA-NY is a confederation that can be formed out of all of these perspectives and more, based on freedom, self-determination, and self-reliance.

The enemies of the People are statism, internationalism, zionism, the individuals who propagate these destructive ideologies, and the bloated bureaucracies that have been installed as new religions with power-elite priest-kings.  We seek to revoke and/or limit the power they have unjustly, illegally, and inhumanely appropriated.  We hold that they have no right or privilege to control and manipulate our lives.  We are fundamentally opposed to totalitarianism of any kind: globalism, marxism, socialism, nazism, fascism, corporatism, imperialism, and any other form of oppressive, coercive governance.

At present (late 2010), NATA-NY is a small and loose confederation of diverse NY-NJ-CT residents  who believe in and are willing to defend what is ontologically and inherently human: Freedom and Autonomy complemented by Responsibility and Accountability, and Individuality and Self-Reliance complemented by Community and Mutual Support.  The Individual and the Tribe are interconnected, inextricable, and indispensable.