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"When a nation rises up ardent to fight for its freedom and honour, it is always a minority that really fires the multitude." - Oswald Spengler

"Even the smallest initiative of a single man or group of men, when it is properly organised, can result in a surprising variety of effects and long-term results. As soon as one realises this fact, one becomes completely proof against despair." - Charles Maurras

IN order to run our organisation as effectively as possible, the National-Anarchist Movement (N-AM) has set up an internal Cadre structure. This structure, whilst safeguarding against the onset of a personality cult or dictatorial bureaucracy, actually gives us all a chance to practice what we preach. After all, without decentralisation within the Movement, how can we expect to turn the dream into a reality?

This strategy is absolutely essential if we are to build a solid hardcore of political activists and financial contributors. This system has been implemented on a geographical basis and, within each area boasting an active N-AM unit, a delegate speaks on behalf of his comrades and is himself a member of the N-AM Revolutionary Command Council.

The future direction of the N-AM will henceforth be decided by Cadre members. To safeguard against the armchair mentality of those people who enjoy telling other people what to do, whilst contributing to the struggle in no way whatsoever, potential organisers will now have to earn the privilege of becoming part of our Movement. We are not in the habit of presenting our recruits with shiny plastic membership cards, whereby anyone in possession of such a card can claim to be an 'activist'. We propose that real activists do a certain amount of voluntary work during a specific period of time, as well as contributing financially. One thing is certain, the N-AM recognises that people find themselves in different circumstances when it comes to helping out with either time or money. We have therefore allowed for this diversity and arranged a structure through which everyone willing to become involved with the N-AM will find their own level of commitment. The very process revolving around this structure ensures that those who are actually doing the work have the final say in the running of the Movement.

As a final safeguard, nothing is stated or acted upon publicly if it is not an agreed position or principle of the Movement. All new ideas regarding enriching our theory and practice must first be presented to the Cadres via a series of Internal Bulletin (IBs). Following a thorough-going debate, Cadre majorities will be sought for or against the issues raised.

As explained previously, Cadres from each region will come together to form the Revolutionary Command Council - the national spearhead of the N-AM itself. This body will consist of individuals chosen from the ranks of the Cadres and, whereas parliamentary politicians claim to 'represent' the people whilst using their power for profit and self-gain, the members of the Revolutionary Command Council will only act as servants in the promotion and furtherance of the National-Anarchist struggle. In other words, the Cadres will be able to see their decisions put into practice, instead of dissolving into broken promises. Although those on the Revolutionary Command Council can rely on their own initiatives in order to attain the desired ends, if at any time a Cadre is found to be out of tune with his electors, he will be recalled and, if necessary, replaced. This system will prevent the emergence of self-interest.

Only cadres will have earned the right to stand for election to the Revolutionary Command Council, to vote in Revolutionary Command Council delegate elections and also to be part of the Popular Congress which will decide future direction at quarterly Cadre meetings. The principle of Cadre rule must be complete unity in action, fullest flexibility in internal debate. In other words, majority decisions will be adhered to at all times, whilst leaving scope for loyal dissent and possible re-examination of principles. However, factionalism will not be tolerated by the Revolutionary Command Council in any way, shape or form.

Cadres will not receive special privileges due to any previously held status in other organisations. The ranks of the Cadres will remain classless and the landowner will fight alongside the farm worker, the architect will embrace the bricklayer and the officer will honour the soldier. Cadres will struggle side by side: debating together, eating together, fighting together and, if necessary, dying together. Cadres, however, will remain individuals and differences between them shall arise through Cadre meritocracy and each will be assigned a specific duty according to his or her abilities. The confident speaker will use his powers of oratory and the quiet thinker will concentrate on strategy and propaganda. Both, on the other hand, will have an equal say in the running of the Movement.

This privilege is not won easily - in order to become a Cadre you must fulfil all of the following requirements:

* Take place in at least two political or fund-raising activities each week. This must be carried out with your local N-AM Supporters unit, if one exists. However, if a local N-AM Supporters unit does not exist, or if a Cadre has a genuine reason for not being active on the streets - such as age, health or perhaps having a sensitive job - the individual concerned must discuss his or her position with the Regional Organiser and find alternative ways of contributing to the Movement.

* Individuals who are working must pay membership fees at the rate of £10 every month. Pensioners and those in full-time education should pay £5 per month. Meanwhile, those who are unemployed must pay £5 and give the N-AM an average of 2 days free labour every month. Work performed by unemployed Cadres will depend on their skills, but will range from clerical tasks and helping with the production of N-AM publications to taking part in political work in new areas and assisting on N-AM property.

* Receive ten copies of the N-AM's official publication each month and be expected to sell or distribute it in order to bring in more recruits. The face value of the publication will reduce the cost of membership and therefore encourage Cadres to find new subscribers for the Movement.

* Attend at least two weekend camps or training seminars every year.

* Attend two out of four of the quarterly Cadre meetings held each year.

* Assist in the education of any Trainee Cadres which may be allocated to you by the Regional Organiser.

* Collect monthly dues from their respective cells.

* Act as worthy ambassadors for the N-AM and not bring dishonour on either themselves or their comrades. Cadres are cell leaders and must lead by example.

* Remain silent if arrested. The security of the Movement is paramount.

Trainee Cadres must fulfil the same duties as a full Cadre, although he or she will be unable to vote or attend quarterly Cadre meetings. To become a Trainee Cadre, every individual must be proposed by three full Cadres and have acquired a basic knowledge of National-Anarchism. In addition, the Trainee Cadre must:

* Attend three weekend camps or training seminars. The Trainee Cadres trial year will commence from the first camp or seminar attended. There will be no exceptions and all Trainee Cadres will have to join in with everyone else. There is no room for self-importance, snobbery or preferential treatment in our Movement!

* Read and show a clear understanding of six essential books (one every two months). This will be directed by the Regional Organiser, who will also test the Trainee on his or her knowledge of each book. We believe that this training programme is absolutely essential if we are to create the new men and women of the future. After all, what use is mere action without a complete knowledge and understanding of National-Anarchist principles?
At the end of the trial period, the Trainee Cadre will receive notification of his or her acceptance as a full Cadre. On the other hand, if the Cadre is not up to scratch and is sadly lacking in certain areas, he or she will have to begin another trial year. Perfection should always be the goal in the quest to build dedicated revolutionaries, and this decision will be taken by the Revolutionary Command Council, which will have received a written report from the Regional Organiser and voted accordingly.

Newly-recruited members of the public and National-Anarchists who, for one reason or another, do not wish to become Cadres, will become involved as Supporters. These Supporters will then be organised into door-to-door and street sales units geographically.
Supporters will pay £10 per month and receive five issues of the main N-AM publication. The approximate face value of the publication will be £3, so five copies would amount to a return of £15. So whilst some Supporters may want to give their copies away to friends or leave them in public places, the unemployed can sell their copies and make a little extra money for themselves.

A Supporter can be expelled at any time if considered unsuitable. It is a case of having one rotten apple in the barrel and making sure that it does not affect the others, which may be of a higher quality. Supporters will be under the direction of a full Cadre, who will be there to provide advice and support.

Those people unable to find time for activities can help the cause in another small, but vital way. If you fit into this category, then why not become a Friend of the N-AM and help us financially, instead? For just £5 a month you can receive regular mailouts concerning recent developments, as well as a copy of all literature produced by the N-AM itself.

International sections of the N-AM are completely independent and autonomous, both organisationally and financially. This means they each have their own Revolutionary Command Councils and are wholly responsible for raising funds and making decisions in their own regions. At the same time, the N-AM as an international blueprint can provide direction and co-ordination whilst not interfering with those in their respective countries. The N-AM magazine, Tribal Resonance, contains articles from various National-Anarchist contributors around the world and can therefore be distributed to all English-speaking countries. This should not prevent people from launching their own local or regional N-AM bulletins and newsletters, of course.

Finally, there is a place for everyone within our organisational structure and if you are willing to contribute to the fight for National-Anarchism, please contact us for more information about getting involved. Remember, without your assistance there will be no alternative future for our people.

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